CNP Rx The Supremacy Jan. 2022 Set (9 Items) from Korea

CNP Rx The Supremacy Jan. 2022 Set (9 Items) from Korea

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# The Supremacy is that CNP Rx's high-end anti-aging collection strengthens the silhouette of the skin with professional premium skin care know-how to provide solid shiny skin. 

  • This set includes
    • The Supremacy Re-New Toner 120ml
    • The Supremacy Re-New Emulsion 100ml
    • The Supremacy Re-New Toner 20ml
    • The Supremacy Re-New Emulsion 20ml
    • Skin Rejuvenating Propolis Miracle Ampoule 5ml
    • The Supremacy Re-New Serum 10ml
    • The Supremacy Re-New Eye Cream 10ml
    • The Supremacy Re-New Cream 10ml
    • The Supremacy Re-New Enriched Cleansing Foam 60ml


@ CNP Rx created by integrating the truly effective active ingredients and CNP's unparalleled technological strength instead of simple concept ingredients, will be remembered as an innovative brand which pioneered the new cosmetic area, substantially contributing to skin improvement.

@ Cosmeceutical product representing Korea released by Cha & Park Cosmetics.

@ Within the brand name CNP Rx, Rx which means the experience of a real skin improvement, brand philosophy indicates the Real Experience.


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