HERA Signia Water Narcissus Beauty 180ml from Korea_T

HERA Signia Water Narcissus Beauty 180ml from Korea_T

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# A total anti-aging care water that purifies the skin with its fresh as morning dew Narcissus-Dew™ formula

@ Skin Brightening / All Skin Types / Day&Night

  • The skin awakens to new vitality with Narcissus Water
    • Narcissus Water with extracts of narcissus flower, leaf and root. Narcissus Water full of narcissus vitality to provide deep hydration for luminous skin.
  • Narcissus-Dew with concentration of Exceptional Gold Drop
    • Narcissus-Dew is Narcissus Water with an evenly distributed Gold Drop, which gets absorbed into the skin to deliver the healthy and clean energy of narcissus.
  • A boost of hydration for lustrous glowing skin
    • A burst of moisture that is completely and smoothly absorbed into the skin to make it look naturally healthy and bright without leaving any feeling of stickiness.
  • 180ml


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