IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning 84ml from Korea_E

IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning 84ml from Korea_E

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The enhanced Bio-redox in Bio Essence optimizes skin condition and perfects bright and smooth skin.

  • Bio-redox has been developed to recreate Thioredoxin, an essential anti-oxidant
    • Thioredoxin is an essential compound to skin's bio activities. IOPE developed Bio-redox compound that is 100% the same as Thioredoxin by adjusting the temperature, light, water and air for 25 days with IOPE’s bio-incubating technologies.
  • Contains 60 billion bio-enzymes
    • Bio Essence you use each time (3 ml) contains over 60 billion bio-enzymes. Optimize your skin condition with bio-enzymes and experience visible skin improvements.
  • For brighter and smoother skin
    • The more often you use Bio Essence, the smoother, clearer and brighter your skin will become.
  • 84ml


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