IOPE Pro Peeling Enzyme Wash 40g from Korea_CL

IOPE Pro Peeling Enzyme Wash 40g from Korea_CL

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# A powder-type subacidic cleanser with 3 types of complex enzymes that cleans away dead skin cells for a smooth, elastic surface.

@ Solution
- Dead skin cell care
- Moisture

  • Subacidic enzyme powder wash
    • A subacidic cleanser that protects the skin’s surface pH, cleans up dead skin cells, and maintains youthful skin conditions.
  • Double Moisture Peeling
    • The dual effects from the soluble AHA contained in the entire Pro Peeling line and the moist suitable moisturizing components in each product help achieve a softer, moist finish.
  • Sugar Maple
    • AHA included in Sugar maple complex and ingredients offers softer peeling experience for skin.
  • 3-Free formula
    • A reliable powder peeling cleanser that is free of tar coloring, artificial fragrances, mineral oils, and triethanolamine.
  • 40g

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